Overseas Chinese Healthcare Innovator Society (hereinafter called “OCHIS”) was cofounded by the Founding Members on May, 2015. OCHIS was then incorporated as a Federal “Not-for-profit” corporation under Part II of the Canada Business Corporations Act in June 1, 2016.

Our purposes are: 1. to explore means of connecting scientific and technological resources in healthcare between overseas countries and China; 2. to provide means of promoting international collaborations on healthcare innovation between overseas countries and China; 3. to serve young overseas Chinese healthcare professionals in building and developing healthcare careers.

We unite Chinese healthcare innovators from overseas into one organization. Our OCHISers specialize in various medical and healthcare professions including medical imaging, medical device, molecular/structural biology, immunology, biostatistics, and clinical medicine. Our professional networks cover resources from more than 20 world-renowned universities, institutes, and medical centers in both North America and the Europe.

We build all-around media platforms to promote the sharing of medical and healthcare information and resources. We are capable of tracking the latest innovations in academia and the healthcare industry, as well as presenting professional views on technical and market trends in a variety of branches of global healthcare.