Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team is responsible for daily operations, and implementation and execution of OCHIS' strategic plans. It is divided into two divisions: Healthcare Engineering and Life Science. Each division is currently composed of four executive members.

Healthcare Engineering Division

Healthcare Engineering Division focuses on understanding and exploring the emerging concepts in healthcare engineering field to merge the gap between healthcare industry and clinics. Currently, the team is working on project “Big data in Biomedicine” to give a full picture about how big data technology is being applied in biomedical field and what is the impact of that.

Life Science Division

Life Science Division is dedicated to connecting biomedical resources between organizations in China and western countries. We also strive to provide synthesis reports on key areas of interest within the broader biomedical field. Our current projects look at the landscape of cancer immunotherapy and the differences between regulatory bodies in major global markets. Currently, we are consisted of four members including one scientist and three senior Ph.D candidates in the field of immunology, molecular/structural biology, and clinical medicine.