IBM Watson and CVS Health Bring Big Data to Our Daily Life

  • Posted on: Fri, 09/25/2015 - 21:58
  • By: OCHIS
IBM and CVS Health announced on July 30th they will work together to bring IBM Watson's big data technology to daily health care management. Taking advantage of IBM Watson's cognitive computing, data mining, capabilities of interacting in human language and iterative learning, this partnership would enable an optimized personal health care for medication management and adherence, appropriate use of cost-effective primary care and out-patient providers for a wide range of chronic diseases which represents 86 percent of annual health spending in the United States.  

As posted by the CVS press release, "The offering would enable health care practitioners to quickly and easily gain insights from an unprecedented mix of health information sources such as medical health records, pharmacy and medical claims information, environmental factors, and fitness devices to help individuals stay on track with their care and meet health goals."

For the first step of the program, IBM and CVS will search the database and identify the patients for whom this disease management program would be most beneficial. Once the patient is enrolled into the program, in the words of CVS's release, it will

  1. Helping to predict individuals at risk for declining health who may benefit from proactive, customized engagement programs;
  2. Encouraging patients to adopt safe and healthy behaviors, including adherence to prescribed medicines and healthy lifestyle regimens;
  3. Suggesting appropriate use of cost-effective primary care and out-patient providers.

This is a completely new model for patient care and management. It opens a door to put the patients at the center of the ecosystem, and health care providers would surround and serve the patients with optimized personal health management. As commented by the famous healthcare blog Health Populi

CVS and IBM Watson will “enable health care practitioners to quickly and easily gain insights” into patients — is one thing. Nudging physicians to change care patterns is something different.

OCHIS has released an article, "IBM’s Watson: Personalized Healthcare In A Different Way", previously to introduce how IBM's Watson is going to change the healthcare with its data mining technology. IBM Watson has already set foot in personalized cancer treatment, older people connection project with Apple in Japan.

And right now, it comes to retail health - our daily life.

CVS Health (From Wikipedia) is an American retailer and health care company. CVS Health operates over 7,700 CVS Pharmacy and Longs Drugs stores;As of 2014, it ranked 35th in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world's largest companies, and 12th in the United States-only Fortune 500.