Clinical Observerships in Johns Hopkins Hospital

  • Posted on: Wed, 10/28/2015 - 00:05
  • By: OCHIS
OCHIS Insight: Johns Hopkins Hospital is the top 3 medical center in United States. However, as the affiliated teaching hospital for Johns Hopkins University, which is a top biomedical science institute in United States, Johns Hopkins Hospital seems to emphasize more on scientific research in thier clinical obeservership programs. Two of three clinical observership programs from Johns Hopkins Hospital listed below involve scientific research part. OCHIS suggests physicians who are intereted in scientific or clinical research apply observership programs from Johns Hopkins Hospital.

International Obsevership Program

Clinical Obeservership

Introduction: Clinical and administrative observership opportunities are offered to fully trained international healthcare providers with multiple years of experience actively practicing or working in the health field that reside OUTSIDE the United States. Physicians, administrators, and nurses that are not employed at a Johns Hopkins institution may be selected to observe clinical activities and/or other activities as applicable for educational purposes within Johns Hopkins Medicine.


  • More than one year experience.

  • Must be frequent in English

  • Must have proof of health insurance and immunization record

Length: 1-2 weeks


  • Detailed payment information will be provided at a later step in the application process.

  • Any travel related expenses, including airfare, hotel accommodation, meals, and transportation will be at your own expense.


Shoulder Clinical Observership and Research Fellowship

Introduction: This is a research position that involves observation and clinical research. The applicant would spend the year observing clinic, surgery and conferences. Every researcher is expected to write several papers for publication. Some research projects can involve basic science, including dissections and cell biology. This fellowship exposes you to a wide variety of shoulder conditions and shoulder procedures — open and arthroscopic. A second year in the laboratory is available for qualified applicants.

Length: 3-12 months


  • No exams required

  • No special licenses required

  • Johns Hopkins will assist in obtaining visa

  • Attendance certificate awarded by the Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedic Surgery


Visiting Medical Student program

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