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OCHIS Insight: Stanford Hospital is world-renowned for Cancer treatment, Cardiovascular medicine and surgery. Affiliated with Stanford University, Stanford Hospital provides international observership programs in Emergency Medicine and Radiology. As a matter of fact, Emergency Medicine (EM) exists only in a few countries in the world. For doctors from this field, Stanford provides unique experience to obtain skill and resources to become leaders of EM in their home country. On the other hand, with a strong academic background, Stanford's Radiology observership program could be a good choice for the radiologists who want to have scientific and clinical research experience. However, tuitions and living expenses in Stanford is higher than other hospitals and thus need to be taken into consideration.

International Observation Program

Stanford Emergency Medicine International Visiting Scholars Program (SEMI-VSP)

Introduction: SEMI-VSP program is designed for physicians who have a strong desire to learn about Emergency Medicine (EM) in order to promote the development of EM in their home countries. Stanford is ideally situated for this program as all of the necessary educational, personnel, and facility resources for training in Emergency Medicine are already in place.

Goals of the Program:

The Stanford Emergency Medicine International Visiting Scholar Program aims to accomplish the following:

  1. To facilitate and encourage the development of Emergency Medicine in other countries
  2. To allow cross-cultural exchange between emergency physicians in the US and physicians in other countries
  3. To train and mentor international physicians as leaders in Emergency Medicine development in their home countries
  4. To familiarize fellows with the general systems of EM practice and training in the US
  5. To provide training in clinical education methods, research, and ED administration
  6. To provide knowledge of resources that can be applied to EM development, such as textbooks, journals, conferences, & the internet
  7. To establish strong bilateral institutional and personal relationships for future collaborative work


  • A medical degree or its equivalent.
  • Reasonable fluency in both written & spoken English (e.g. able to pass the TOEFL exam).
  • Previous post-graduate training of at least one year in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Practice, or Surgery Interest in Emergency Medicine

Length: 6 weeks from September to October

Fees: The estimated visiting scholar fee is US$10,000 for 6 weeks of training, which includes ACLS, ATLS, and PALS certification.

How to apply:

Please email your personal statement, CV, and proof of medical insurance/financial support to:

Your personal statement should describe why you want participate in the program and what you intend to do after completing the program.


Clinical Observations in Radiology

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