Clinical Observerships in Cleveland Clinic

  • Posted on: Sun, 11/22/2015 - 21:23
  • By: OCHIS
OCHIS Insight: 
After released three review articals a month ago about potential funding sources for doctors and scholars to visit oveseas hospitals and research institutes , OCHIS has received hundreds of feedbacks not only for thanks but also asking how OCHIS finds such valuable information and what "I" should do to find more. Our answer is:"There are tons of information on the cloud waiting for you to find and recognize. But, together with information explosion, those information are overwhelming and segmentated. A professional approach is needed to dig it out. That's the reason why 
Overseas Chinese Healthcare Innovator Society is here.". 
Cofounded by 6 Chinese medical imaging Phd student in May 2015, OCHIS now grew up to a not-for-profit organization with 20+ peers located in six oversea countries including United States, Canada, London, Gemany, France and Netherland. Thus OCHIS has the intelligence to clean up fragmented healthcare-related information on the internet into an invaluable and distinct information for Chinese doctors and scholars. 
On the other hand, most of OCHIS' members are currently working as research scientists in either hospitals or healthcare related institutes. Therefore, OCHIS has the man-power and human-resource to get in touch with the most up-to-date healthcare information in North America and Europe. In addition, we send emails, make calls and even visits to the hospitals and institutes in-person to get the first hand information and achieved collaborations. 
To comply with the continuously increasing demand for international doctor obeservership from Chinese doctors, OCHIS has done an in-depth research and analysis on North American hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH),John Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic, UCLA Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic and Brigham and Women's Hospital etc, about their international oberservership programs including length, tuition and requirements. We also have email communication and in-person visits to some of the hospitals above.

If you want to know more information about visiting fellowships, international collaboration oppurtunities or need help in applying such programs, please join "Oversea medical fellowships and academic collaboration group". How to join: add Wechat account: HCIC-assist, with your "name + affiliation + research" interest.

Clinical observership program is a great oppurtunity for international doctors to be in touch with the most advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques and clinical system management methods in the world top hospitals. To maximize the gain during the vists, we believe that OCHIS should fully expose all the potential benefits that the visiting doctors can achieve and help the doctor to make it to be an invalueable experience. These beneficial resources include grand round meetings, tumor conferences, clinical trainings and on-site scientific events. OCHIS also believes daily clinical practice should never be isolated from the scientific research. Therefore, we listed research labs from these hospitals for the Chinese doctors who may be able to collarborate with during and after the visits.

In this article, for the first time, OCHIS released a detailed summary of the international visiting doctor programs from one of the tweleve hospitals that we researched: Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Clinic is one of the world top hospitals. It was co-founded by four physicians, who were good friends with Mayo brothers, in 1921 as a nonprofit group practice. Until 2015, Cleveland Clinc was ranked No.1 for Cardiology for the last 20 years, and ranked No.2 for Urology, Nephrology, Digestive diseases and Rheumatology. It has 3000+ physicians and scientist representing 120 medical specialties and subspecities. Cleveland Clinic also has affiliated facilities in Florida, Nevada, Canada and Abu Dhabi. These facilities all together formed total of 14 clinical centers by Cleveland Clinic in the world [1-2].

The well-known Chinese healthcare media: VCbeat reported the achievements from Cleveland in healthcare innovation [3]. For details about Cleveland Clinc visiting experience, readers can also refer to the blogs writtens by doctors whos has visited Cleveland Clinic for obserships [4].

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